Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Welcome David to Blogger

Well, another son has joined the Blogger community, my eldest son David. His site is called "The Learned Fool" (I fear both the learning and the foolishness may be traceable to yours truly in some degree...) He is a student with me in the masters program at St. Johns', so we get to see each other twice a week, which is really nice. He says he intends to write mostly film reviews. Take his warning seriously; his taste in film is definitely "edgy"! I'm placing a link in my margin. Welcome, David!


  1. No I don't thnk so. The emphasis on the kingdom and community has two important elements for me:
    1. he importance of linking our spirituality and our theology to our fruit (observable evidence).
    2. The importance of seeing our witness as the witness of a comunity not just as individuals.

    No one is saying "to witness to the moral attributes of God and our deliverance from the bondage of sin through the eschatological event of the cross we must get in physical shape". This isn't materialism. The return to biblical worldview is an attempt to focus more on practice than the rationalist and doctrinalist emphasis. We have approached the war as a war of ideas when our call is to win the war by manifesting a life that only the HOLY Spirit can produce (i.e. a life of moral beauty).
    God Bless,

  2. OOPS. That comment was supposd to be to the other post on "the Spirit of the age". Sorry.