Thursday, April 21, 2005

David Brooks on Abortion

Gotta run to work, but here is an interesting view of the abortion issue from one who is becoming my favorite editorial columnist, David Brooks. He proposes that Harry Blackmun did more to undermine the American system than anyone last century, inadvertently, through the Roe V. Wade decision. He calls for its overthrow, not so much to stop abortion as to get our entire republic back on its representational feet. A good viewpoint, I think.


  1. Does David Brooks believe in the virgin birth? Someone, please, reassure me. I can't listen to anything this man has to say until I know where he stands on classic Christian doctrine. At this point I can only recommend people reading Brooks who are very mature in the faith.

    Of course I'm joking… I couldn't resist!


  2. Joe, here's a handy
    little site that will allow anyone to access NYT articles without dealing with the registration process. It parses the NYT RSS feed (could I use more abbreviations?).

  3. Thanks, Brian. As a subscriber to the Times, I was never sure whether the links were workable in others' browsers. I have updated the link on this post, as you suggested.

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    joe, you should read Ryan D's posting from the [april] 18th at

    He discusses a David Brooks article concerning sexuality. i think that Ryan, and the article i sent you a few days ago, are dead on in their evaluation of sex in our american culture. give it a look.