Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ongoing Collapse of Russia

A rather alarming set of numbers here. The implications for future world peace seem pretty grim.

I'll be back soon....I've been caught up in a lot of work in the final weeks of my master's studies, but today I turn in my last paper, so will have more time to reflect here.

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  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    so according to Brooks the children of the 'One Child Policy' will more or less be getting married, and will eventually take care of two sets of parents? i think that is how it will brake down, but i'm not a statistics guy.
    there are some encouraging things developing here that could help: faith based initiatives.
    "In Communist China?!" -yeah, in Communist China. The think-tank i used to work for is promoting seminars in China (, and have reported that the New Generation in China is very market-oriented, globally savvy, and greatly interested in something like 'religious freedom'. Theoretically, this will have its pay off in a return to the importance of family, respect of the elderly, and service to the poor.
    All this in the form of non-government ORGs and faith-based ORGs, and this w/o being closely tied to the State.
    just thought i would throw that out there for some thought.
    Russia, however, is in alot of trouble -especially considering they have never grasped that contrition is a less-than-appreciated concept in diplomacy. Rolling tanks into Groznny, and recently killing the only half-moderate Chechen leader in almost a century, hasn't helped either.