Sunday, February 13, 2005

New HIV scare.

Not much time...working again tonight. But consider reading this article in the NY Times. Note espectially the sexual practices that are described herein (ie, number and frequency of contacts.) Then consider, is this simply a private moral problem? Does the society at large have no stake in this behavior? I am personally ashamed of my own profession for not standing up years ago and saying what is taught in medical school and known to be true, shown over and over again in any study you wish to choose: sexual promiscuity of any kind is a risk for many life-threatening illnesses, just as certainly as smoking and without the ability to return one's risk to baseline by cessation of the activity at a later stage. Furthermore, unlike smoking, it strikes in the teens and twenties, at the beginning of life. The cases are heartbreaking, and the attitude of the "left", if you please, makes me frankly sick. Condoms break...if you've ever used them, you know it. The people who promote condom use would never in a million years THEMSELVES have sex with an HIV or Herpes or Papilloma carrier using a condom. Not one. It is criminal hypocrisy.

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