Thursday, May 19, 2005

Human Cloning Proceeds Apace

Here we go! this is coming as fast as we expected! This NY Times article shows our manifest inability to stop this technology. Should we stop it? Suppose we can't, as I suspect is the case. How should we respond to the presence of this technology in our world? If we cannot stop it, can we regulate it adequately? What theology is applicable?

I hope to begin some on-line thinking about these issues soon. I will be reading Human Dignity in the Biotech Century by Colson and Cameron, From Souls to Cells -- and Beyond by Malcolm Jeeves, Body and Soul by Moreland and Rae, and Clones, the Clowns of Nature, by Gareth Jones. I will also offer some reflections of my own, derived from mybackground in medicine and also from my reading of scripture and various philosophers. Should be a wild ride!

(Sorry, the NY Times link generator is apparently down.)

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  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    justin said...

    man, i can't wait for this thread to get goin'! i'll be reading-up all morning!