Friday, May 20, 2005

The "Dark" Side

For those of you who enjoy "dark" films (and I know you're out there...), my son David has recently posted reviews of "Blade: Trinity" and "Fight Club" on his film-and-book-review web site, Tears in Rain. I have not seen the second or third Blade installments; and quit Fight Club about half-way through (before the denouement.) The latter got too raunchy for me. Yet, this is clearly the stuff of twenty-somethings' discussion these days. Hmmmm...

1 comment:

  1. I'm "dark," eh? That's probably fair. I do think there is merit to being able to discuss such things with current twenty-somethings. Perhaps my status as a dark Christian allows me to find a common ground with the myriad dark non-Christians I see.

    The question remains as to what a "dark Christian" should look like, though I guess I have a pretty good idea, myself. I guess I feel that I am interested in seeing the tragic side of life (which Chrisitianity does not escape in the here-and-now), while simultaneously understanding the "happy ending" that is available to all. I think of it as a man standing in a thunderstorm, looking toward the sunlight that is glinting through the maelstrom.

    I'm still not sure how well this works, though. It may very well be that age and experience will convince me that it doesn't.